Pieta Christmas Poem Mary's Lullaby Mary Curtin from Irish Arts and Entertainment

Mary’s Lullaby by Mary Curtin

Mary’s Lullaby 
I will wrap you in my mantle My love, my life, my joy 
And keep you safe within my arms My darling baby boy. 
The stars shine gently down upon The world you bless this night 
You little know as yet my love The purpose of your life. 
So, go to sleep my sweet, sweet child And I’ll sing a lullaby 
And I’ll keep you close against my heart 
So, you won’t hear me cry. 

Mary Curtin hails from Kerry and is an acclaimed director as well as a poet. We are delighted to present her loving and poignant MARY’S LULLABY here, a perfect Christmas Season offering. At present she is casting for Noel Coward’s play PRESENT LAUGHTER which will be in performed April 2020. Mary is also in constant demand as a voiceover artist, voice and drama coach and works privately preparing students for auditions, exams and public speaking. She is Artistic Adviser to the Los Angeles based Kerry Irish Productions Inc.

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